Positivity Week: Day 5 and 6

Positivity Week Prompt

Day 5: Your Impact
What positive impact (or impacts) do you hope to leave behind when you go? Do you hope that positive impacts you leave behind will change the world for the better?

Growing up, I felt continually oppressed in East Tennessee. I carry the suffering of place with me everywhere I go, but I do not have active plans to change the social landscape there.


National Cemetery by Natalie
Greeneville, Tennessee

What makes an act eternal? The generation or articulation of new thought, creation of an outlet, and/or reduction of suffering? I am an inherently selfish person, but I long to act in meaningful ways. I do not know if I will ever impact the place where I grew up, and I think to theorize on this possibility suggests a willingness to adhere to the philosophy of determinism.

This past summer, I worked and taught playwriting at the Appalachian Young Writers’ Program at LMU. I am not sure if I impacted someone during my time there, but I know the impact such organizations have had on me. I may one day change the mountains of East Tennessee, but for now, I will exist within the act of throwing stones.

Day 6: Something Funny
Share what makes you laugh. And I mean, really laugh to the point where your face hurts, your stomach hurts and you’re crying. There is nothing better than a good laugh.

Basset Hounds are the silliest dogs in the world. They are basically the floppy, depressed versions of Corgis. The Eeyores of the dog world. I love their long ears, thick paws, and layers of love. (Layers of love being just another way to talk about wrinkles.)


Photo by Rob Carr

Ever see a Basset Hound run or look at one of their “beauty shots” from dog shows? It’s absurd. Too much.

The first dog I ever wanted was a Basset Hound. Later, I would live across the road from a family who owned one named Flash. The hilarity of his name only increased when the family bought a sleek Weimaraner, who would occasionally trample or hurdle Flash during his pursuits. From my window, I would watch Flash leisurely walk up and down the side of the street and laugh. Sometimes, Flash would start trailing a scent and run into a mailbox or bicycle.

Basset Hounds are loud, messy, gassy dogs, and they make me smile.


  1. D. Eaton · November 16, 2013

    I feel like I’m making an impact in my field, so I’m curious – What career would make you feel like you were leaving behind an impact?

    • Sarah Key · November 17, 2013

      I think you are definitely making an impact! We need to catch up sometime and discuss your most recent adventures.

      This might be an entirely predictable answer to your question, but probably the medical field. If I had studied medicine, I would have tried to work abroad, or I would have gone in the route of women’s health and attempted to open a women health’s center where I grew up.

  2. doesitevenmatter3 · November 17, 2013

    I bet you DID impact someone this past summer…more than one someone. :-)
    Basset hounds are so cute! I had a basset hound for a friend when I was a little girl. :-) My doggie, Cooper, give me lots to laugh about every day!
    HUGS!!! :-)

  3. jr cline · November 17, 2013

    I’ve never had a basset hound and I’ve always found them intriquing. Maybe I will one day. It would be fun to have a laid back dog.

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