Positivity Week: Day 7

Positivity Week Prompt

Day 7: Those Who Are No Longer With Us
This last day is to remember someone (person or even an animal), that in some way had a positive impact on you. It can be more than one person and not even someone you were very close to or knew very long. As long as they somehow had a positive impact on you, share it here.

In 1994, my father was diagnosed with idiopathic cardiomyopathy. He needed a heart transplant. On January 23rd, my father received his donation from a beautiful Italian woman named Laura Pennisi.


Without Laura and her family’s decision, I would have grown into a dramatically different person. A woman I never had the privilege of meeting changed the course of my life. My brother was born five years after my father’s transplant, and my subsequent atheist philosophy found its anonymous beginnings in the understanding of organ donation.


In past years, when attempting to better discern myself and develop my beliefs, I conducted presentations on Donate Life, participated in fundraisers for transplant patients, and wrote numerous informative essays on the importance of organ donation. People like Laura Pennisi and her family have started a subliminal chain reaction. Their decision and its outcome inspired me to speak about a cause. I cannot say if my early activist pursuits changed the minds of any audience member, but I do know that many of my childhood friends became organ donors after meeting my father and hearing our story.


  1. doesitevenmatter3 · November 18, 2013

    I am signed up to be an organ donor.
    I’m so glad Laura and her family’s sacrifice, and willingness to help others, changed your family’s life for the better.
    Thank you for all you’ve done, and are doing, to get more people involved!

  2. jr cline · November 18, 2013

    What an amazing story. I’m signed up to be an organ donor. Maybe there will be some working parts left when I’m done here.

  3. j.e.glaze · November 20, 2013

    I’ve never signed up to be an organ donor, but perhaps I will. you know, the horror stories people tell of the drs wanting to pull the plug so they can harvest the organs while they’re fresh. etc. ?

    thanks for sharing this, Sarah

    • Sarah Key · November 24, 2013

      I have written a few articles on that topic alone. I’ve found it to be mostly myth.

      • j.e.glaze · November 24, 2013

        that’s what I was thinking. thanks, again, for sharing this.

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