Eat Hats

Happy Christmas, bloggers!


This morning, I went walking with the dogs and tried to take some photos of them in a Santa hat, because I thought it might be cute or something. You know, good for the ol’ social networking scene. Talk about a bad idea. We had this problem where the white, fluffy end of the Santa hat looked like a toy ball, and that was just too exciting for those three to handle. To say the least, the hat was destroyed. Next year, I will try some antlers and see if that’s a better fit.

How were your holidays? Any favorite gifts? Dog shenanigans?


  1. Catholic Tap House · December 25, 2013

    My gifts were more practical than exciting but I’m still thankful. Merry Christmas!!

  2. jr cline · December 25, 2013

    Someone’s dog went for a walk along the lake shore with me today. It had a golf ball and kept putting it down in front of me. It wanted to play fetch apparently.
    I got a present I’m excited about, the frame for my GoPro.

  3. D. Eaton · December 25, 2013

    No dog stories but I have about seven videos of a cat in the Christmas tree.

  4. doesitevenmatter3 · December 26, 2013

    I laughed about the destroyed Santa hat! :-D
    My pooch was very laid back today and enjoyed all the human-beans! He got lots of petting and attention! :-)
    Merry Christmas HUGS!!! to you and your pooches!!! :-)
    PS…good luck on the antlers next year!

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