My name is Sarah, and I am currently living in North Carolina.

Dog-faced Atheist is a journal and blog about my observations as a “spiritual atheist.” Spiritual atheism is not a new concept, but my definition and philosophy do not directly follow the generalizations of internet-proclaimed spiritual atheists. It is important to note that I am not, at any time, speaking for all spiritual atheists or indefinitely for the philosophy; I am simply sharing a personal point-of-view and set of values.

Though I do believe in the importance of knowledge over faith, the goal of Dog-faced Atheist is not to condemn religion. My goal is to negate some of the stereotypes about atheism, explore my own stylistic philosophy and its struggles, and show an alternate interpretation of spirituality. I am not trying to change readers’ beliefs. I want only to develop the idea that a person can be both atheist and have a thorough understanding of spirituality.

On this blog, I am going to post about atheism, writing, and dogs.

    • Atheism

I plan to share stories and write articles concerning religion, atheism, and spirituality. I hope to eventually conduct interviews with colleagues (both religious and non-religious) and host interactive Q&A sessions here. Occasionally, I will highlight a philosopher, atheist/theist, quote, or religious idea that I find particularly controversial or enlightening. Expect Camus. Expect Rumi.

    • Writing

No surprises here. These entries may include writing advice, prompts, updates on my writing life and local creative writing student organization, publication opportunities, conference information, genre criticism, the workshop experience, reviews, etc. In many ways, I expect these entries to come to me more easily than the rest.

    • Dogs

I will create (typically lighthearted) entries concerning dogs, because if there is one creature on this earth dedicated to the pursuit of good spirits, I believe it is the house-hold canine. The sanctity at which I perceive dogs is quite possibly one of the silliest ideas I have. However, choosing not to write about dogs would be considered, in my writing workshop career, a great hypocrisy.

I will always be the first in line to admit my ignorance, and I hope writing at Dog-faced Atheist will help to answer some of my own questions and concerns about my beliefs. If I am lucky, this blog will open up new doors for conversations with other atheists. Maybe I’ll meet a few dogs, too. And as for the writers? Go home, writers. You’re drunk.


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  2. LAMarcom · March 3, 2014

    Love that you have “Lear” on your “goodreads.” Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth. Each one is my all-time favorite, just depends on the day. Best Hamlet film in my opinion: Zeffirelli’s with Mel Gibson. Best Macbeth: Roman Polanski’s. Best Lear: Probably Laurence Olivier.

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